Do you know you can get the amazing cashback voucher when you will  shop with us ?

Yes, you can get Amazing cashback vouchers.

When you shop with us online mode or offline mode, you will get assured cashback that can be used for your future shopping and avail this discount, lets see how this works,

Suppose you bought a Godrej 7 kg Semi Automatic Washing Machine worth rupees 10999 (as on 09-02-2022) then you will get points that can be used in future shopping, let see how this works,

I.e.; Earlier you have bought Godrej 7 kg Semi Automatic Washing Machine worth rupees 10999 (as on 09-02-2022) so you will gets the points in your email address and according to our slabs you will get 5% of 10999 I.e.; 549.9 Points

So now you are buying the Bajaj 1200 W Splendid Induction Cooker Cooktop (Black) and its worth rupees 2149 (as on 09-02-2022) then your final value that you have to pay will be 2149-549 points =  rupees only.

I hope you understand our offer and Scheme from above lines, lets see how you will get the points from the help of this;

  • Shop for less than 5000-9999 then you will 2% point of cart value.
  • Shop for more than 10000 – 49999 then you will get 5% point of cart value.
  • Shop for 50000 – 100000 then you will get 7% point of cart value.

Terms and Condition ;

  • We will be have the rights to change the chart value of the offer any time, without any prior notice.
  • Discounted value voucher coupon will be given in your email address that you have given with your account.
  • Discounted value coupon should be used with same customer, that shops with us, (suppose ram is shops with us, then ram will be eligible, not an other person)
  • Discounted value will be having the expiry date also, this will be depend on your cart value or depends on what items you have been bought
  • Our coupons expiry date will be minimum 30-days but not more than 90 days, otherwise we will be not responsible for this.
  • Coupons can be used in one time only.


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